Monday, March 26, 2007

Damn, I haven't posted on here in a minute. In fact, I had forgot it existed until I saw a link on The Come Up.

Anyway, the biggest news is probably that the video is no longer a 'video,' as such. It will not be released in DVD form. The main reason for this is it's just become too hard for me to film with all the riders. I'm in Sydney for work and everyone else is in either Canberra or Melbourne.

The good news is that the footage will still be released... online. This way I can release sections periodically, rather than having to wait until they're all finished. It also means that you don't have to pay for it or rip it to youtube. You can just download it from here. First up will be Liam Fahy Hampton's section, which is almost complete.


Micheal said...

yes! :] haha.

Anonymous said...

man! this video is the sickest and the best one i've ever seen whole life!!! I ride bmx for 3 years and I'm from germany.

Thank you very very much!!!

(((want a new pictures of you riding!)))

ride on