Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Liam is now living in Melbourne and has been picked up by Colony, Animal (Australia) and Orchid (Australia as well). He is riding a Kenny Raggett frame (WTF) and has already dented the top tube with his shin while attempting to whip over a 13 stair rail (WTF!) Word is that he also has a signature frame in the works with Colony, tentatively named the 'Hell Stallion.' Appropriate.

Filming on our next project will begin later this year when I move down to Melbourne.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Greetings from Germany! Me and all the (very many) people that saw runatmeslut loved that shit, and freaked completly out on the railride up to fakie back!! (Ho often did you have to try?)

So the major question that is bugging us is: How the hell is one supposed to speak "Fahy"?? Most of the time when somebody says it, it sounds like something like "Ferry" - but is this correct? Please answer this question and write it as it is spoken in english. Thanks in advance!


Dan G said...

Ok, first off, Liam doesn't run this site. I (Dan Gascoine) do. Liam is deadset computer illiterate.

Secondly, the h in 'fahy' is silent. Therefore, you pronounce it fay.

Anonymous said...

gday is there going to be a 2nd movie or not and say hello to liam for me this is his cousin joel

joel said...

gday is there going to be a 2nd movie the first was crazy ur mad liam say hello to liam for me its his cousin joel fahy

Hope said...

die dan you back wheeler !!!!

Hope said...

yo you need to just give in and kiss molly and poly! in a big old dog orgy !